OUTLOVE is a brazilian Gothic Rock band with strong influences from Heavy Metal, Hard Rock and Electronic music from the 80's and 90's.

Founded in mid-2004, the group started working on their own compositions in 2006, right after they met producer and guitarist Theo Vieira. In the following 3 years they were continuously on stage, playing in São Paulo and nearby cities while producing several singles. In the second half of 2009, the band decided to do a break so the band members could pursue other personal projects.

The comeback was in late 2010, when singer Paulo Ghizzi contacted Canal 8KA for their first video-clip production. The chosen song was "Pleasure's Call", and the video-clip can be watched in the band's Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/outloverock

In 2012 Beto Giglioti joined the band's lineup, so the band compiled all of it's previous singles and launched their first album online - entitled "Love, Blood & Mud". All of its songs can be downloaded in the band's website.

With its lineup complete, OUTLOVE returned to stages this last april. The set list is mostly songs of their first album, but the band also plays some covers and revisions of well-known songs.

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